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National Flood Insurance Program

The national flood insurance program is operated by FEMA and is intended to provide an alternative to disaster assistance by helping citizens manage their flood risk with the appropriate flood insurance. To read more about the National Flood Insurance Program please visit

To read more about insurance as it relates to the NFIP, visit

Digital Flood Mapping Products

FEMA began the digital conversion of its flood maps October 1, 2009. For additional information on the Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRMs) please visit the following site:

FEMA's Map Service Center

The Map Service Center has flood hazard mapping information and products that may be reviewed online and downloaded at For map orders and questions call 1-800-358-9616.

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma: Recovery and Next Steps

FEMA Outreach Mapping Material

Maryland Department of the Environment Resource Material

FEMA Resource Materials

Insure Your Risk

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Mitigate Your Risk

Office of Governor

Preliminary Schedule

  • Baltimore City - December 2018: Riverine
  • Baltimore County - August 2020: Riverine
  • Frederick County - August 2020: Riverine
  • Montgomery County - June 2021: Riverine
  • St. Mary's County - October 2021: Riverine

Effective Schedule

  • Baltimore City - June 2021: Riverine
  • Baltimore County - Summer 2022: Riverine
  • Frederick County - TBD: Riverine
  • Montgomery County - TBD: Riverine
  • St. Mary's County - TBD: Riverine